About the PROPEL project

Please note: Data collection for the registry has been terminated.


"Prospective Registry Of ParEnteraL prostanoids"

  • Principal coordinator: Pavel Jansa, M.D.
  • Project duration: 2010-2015

Parenteral prostanoids are prescribed to patients diagnosed with pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) in order to maximize their exercise tolerance and to minimize their symptoms. PAH is a very rare disease with a prevalence of 1.5-2.6 patients per 100.000 population. It is therefore desirable to monitor and to assess the safety of patients treated by a specific treatment regularly and on a central level.

PAH is a disease of lung arterioles which is characterized by an increase of mean arterial pressure in the pulmonary artery (>25mm Hg at rest, >30mm Hg during exercise). It is also characterized by an increased pulmonary vascular resistance (>3 WU, Wood units).

Without adequate treatment, PAH progressively leads to heart failure and death. Median survival rate in untreated patients is around 2.8 years. Symptoms are not specific, especially in early stages of the disease. Severity of symptoms considerably correlates with the prognosis of a given patient. The most common symptoms involve exertional dyspnoea, fatigue, chest pain and syncope.

PROPEL - the Prospective Registry Of ParEnteraL prostanoids - will be focused on the collection of clinical data on PAH patients as well as data on therapeutic effects and safety of parenteral prostanoids.

Healthy lungs and lungs affected by PAH. Source: www.remodulin.com

Primary Objectives

  • Collection of clinical data on PAH patients treated with parenteral prostanoids.

Secondary Objectives

  • Assessment of effectiveness of the chosen therapy.
  • Assessment of safety of the chosen therapy.
  • Analysis of survival in relation to monitored clinical factors.
  • Assess quality of life of PAH patients treated with parenteral prostanoids.


Project management

Zuzana Zbozinkova, MSc
Institute of Biostatistics and Analyses, Masaryk University
Kotlarska 2, 602 00 Brno, Czech Republic
E-mail: zbozinkova@iba.muni.cz